The holiday season is dawning upon us and it kicks off here in the US with Thanksgiving. Despite being from the Caribbean I particularly enjoy Thanksgiving for one simple reason- The word thanks to me means to be grateful. What am I grateful for? I am grateful for the breath I have each moment, the opportunity to get up each day and try again. I am thankful for the divine creator, Gods, ancestors and entire Universe. I am thankful for love and being loved and having the ability to share this. I am grateful for the light I can shine in the world, the heart I have for people. I can go on for days of all the things I am truly thankful for, but the ability to walk a journey of joy, light and laughter as I connect to my divine self-This to me is priceless and for that I get up each day and give thanks.

How can I ever Forget to thank the universe for food and the talent to be able to cook. This recipe was adapted from one of my favorite chefs Peter Berley. He is a true genius and his recipes are simply divine and leaves room for you to put your spin on it. I adore a delicious short rib meal so when I stumbled on this one- I had to create my own master piece. Eat up and enjoy- Ps. Happy Thanksgiving.